Application, the obstruction light for a wide variety of cranes used in harbors, metallurgies, tower, smokestacks, building and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic with a steady burning red safety light.

Main function and features

  • Use fresnel lens, high utilization of light, valid keeping light beam in the scope as required.
  • Based on LED technology, low power consumption and high efficiency.
  • Lamp housing - Polycarbonate with good anti-impace strength, thermal stability, high transmittance.
  • Die casting aluminum enclosure with powder-coat paint finishers, providing corrosion resistance and durability.
  • G3/4 pipe is available, easy for mounting.
  • EMC compliance, No RF radiation.
  • Self contained compartment, with stainless steel wire which is used to secure the unit against falling in operation, and easy of mount.
  • Built-in phhotocell can switch ON/OFF the light at dawn and dusk (Optional).
  • Steady burning of flashing type (no need exteral controller).
  • Extremely reliable - Major Maintenance cost saving.
  • External two M20x1.5 Waterproof gland (Can be customized)

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